Master Park

Introduced to discipline of Taekwondo at the early childhood, Master Chul-Ho Park has been practicing Martial Art for 44 years. As student at the Engineering University, he started practicing Hoi Jeon Moo Sool (HMS) and never stopped since. As one of the all-around martial art disciplines, there is always to learn more, he believes.

With great international teaching experience in clubs and various seminars, Master Park has been building HMS community in Dubai for 16 years. During this time, he has successfully taken hundreds of students through the HMS program. As a result 21 Black Belt, over few dozens of red belt and many more yellow and green belt students of all ages and gender have been awarded.

Master Park currently holds 8th dan Black Belt in HMS, 8th dan Black Belt in Hap Ki Do, 5th dan Black Belt in Kickboxing and 2nd dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Coach Dil

Since he was young, coach Dil, loved watching martial art movies. As many children would do, while playing with friends he started imitating the moves he saw in the movies. Unknowingly, he started practicing martial art. At the age of 11, wanting to learn about Martial Art, he starts practicing Karate in the local club. Years after, when opportunity presented itself, coach Dil, decided to continue his growth and satisfy his thirst for learning by traveling to Dubai.

Thus, at first, he has started learning and practicing HMS, when he tried Muay Thai, he realized this martial art might be his calling.

During the preparation time for the tournament in Thailand, and after winning a championship belt at the tournament in Bangkok, coach Dil has learned valuable lesson: follow your heart.

Coach Dil has gone through an extensive coaching camp in Muay Thai camp in Thailand where he earned the right to become a coach of Muay Thai.

Coach Dil holds Luktupfah Muay Thai coach certificate, 3rd dan Black Belt in HMS and 1st dan in Kickboxing.

Coach Iquezang

I started kick boxing when I was 10 years old because I saw the kid next door practicing so I wanted to try kick boxing. I started to like kick boxing I started to fight at the temple events.

I fought all over Thailand until I won the provincial competition. I was fighting anyone who wants to set a match. Because it’s hard to find an opponent for me. I started to fight in Bangkok.

I joined tournament Om Noi Boxing Stadium and I won 3 championships in one day.

Then I started to fight Muay Thai until I gained more experience and acquaintances, becoming a Muay Thai powerhouse fighter.

Coach Julius


A fully qualified Personal Trainer with over 9 years of experience. Coach Julius has always had passion for the fitness and gym industry since his childhood. He chose to join the industry as a teenager and since then his love for fitness inspired him to become a personal trainer.

He gained specialties and certifications with over 9 years’ experience in HIIT (high-intensity training) bodybuilding, body pump, core and strength training, weight loss and management and circuit training.
Coach Julius has worked with different fitness industries across the world and has. helped many clients to reach their fitness and healthy goals.

His expertise and experience got him to join Combat and became part of our team. He will continue to empower individuals reach their fitness and healthy goals.

Coach Angel

Born in Santiago de Cuba, Coach Angel Moya started boxing at the age of 10. Only after 2 years of training he has become a member of a youth team of Cuba and competed internationally since. As member of senior national team he has taken part at the 1997 World Amateur Championship. His career record is 304 fights, 274 wins with 30 losses.

At the year 2000, coach Angel started his coaching career. Eager to create future champions his coaching career immediately has got of to a great start. 2005 and 2006 his team has won the National School Games. Between 2006 and 2010 coach Angel led many teams to victory. In 2010 he has again won the National School Games with his team. Selected as best coach at the National Tournament his greatest achievement is winning the Central American Championship.