Martial Arts Club

Mixed, Korean Martial Art In Al Khawaneej, Dubai

We have carefully selected the most comprehensive martial art disciplines. All-around physical development through activities that are fun and challenging at the same time is our primary goal. The selected programs can be practiced from age 6 till late adulthood.


The program is different depending on the level of the athletes. Initially, the coach will conduct an assessment to decide which of the groups is ideal for every athlete. The groups are set as entry, intermediate and advance level groups. While entry level groups have their training 3x per week intermediate can practice their skills 4x per week. Those in advance groups, can have their program extended to 5x per week. Learn Korean martial art Dubai and improve your self-confidence.

 Korean Martial Art discipline that uses attack, defense and healing techniques. Although both in attack and defense techniques one can use arms, legs and weapons (sword for example), in defense, one can use the leverage of an opponent to neutralize the attack. If you want to learn the best Korean martial art Dubai, just come to us.

There are many benefits of learning martial arts:

  • Better physical fitness – As martial art is a great workout, it will increase your flexibility, stamina, physical strength and balance.
  • Increased self-esteem – After attaining proficiency in the martial art, certainly your physical condition and confidence will increase. The trained individuals admit that they become comfortable facing all types of situations after learning mixed martial arts Dubai. You can cross your comfort zone, and after the sense of self-confidence will occupy your heart, it will become easy to handle all types of unexpected challenges.
  • Enhanced focus and concentration – Martial art can increase your focus and concentration. Learn techniques of mixed martial arts Dubai, and it will increase your focus and concentration.
  • Relief from stress – This is a fact that learning martial arts helps to get relief from stress.
  • More respect for the values – Martial arts increase our social skills, emphasize on self-control and self-discipline. We learn to deal with others in a mature way. All this certainly helps to polish the personality.

If you want to learn Korean martial arts in Al Khawaneej 2, then look no further than us.