Fitness Club

Fitness Classes In Dubai

Designed to complement Martial Art training, all training classes are set to develop general fitness, conditioning, stamina, strength, power and endurance. It is perfect for those who want to prepare their body for the vigorous training that Martial Art require, but also to burn fat at higher rate than usual. By mixing up all the workouts and all the classes you will achieve not only healthy but an overall lean and strong body!

Our Fitness Club has all necessary equipment for efficient training. Our coaches are internationally certified and experienced in functional, movements, strength and other types of training.

Out training system includes initial Functional Body Movement testing for all members that enroll in Fitness Club as start their transformation journey. This test serves to determine the current state of the muscles and joints in your body, movement patterns, joint mobility and other important points that will determine your training focus. The coach will then prescribe the best type/style of training classes for you.


Growing power! Training is aimed at developing strength and muscle mass. Training done with barbells, dumbbells and a resistance. Heavy load, few repetitions but many sets to build those muscles. Perfect to those who aim to learn the technique of each movement and grow their muscle power by doing so. Duration 60 min


Maximum power! Training is aimed at developing strength and muscle mass. Exercises are chosen from big movement family to create power to the whole body: lifts, presses and pulls. Perfect for intermediate to advance trainee. Duration 60 min.

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